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Guided excursions

We organize some guided excursions to meet all your needs.

The curiosity to explore the surroundings and visit the most beautiful places near San Teodoro, the joy of discovery and the desire to live an active holiday: all this is now possible at the Hotel San Teodoro.

Every excursion organized by our staff is a completely trip, thanks to the support of a very expert local guide, who will accompany you into the places of interest close to San Teodoro and at the same time will make you fall in love with the places you’ll visit, telling you about unique stories. We create tours tailored to every need, from families who want to have fun safely, to athletes who prefer more complicated paths.

Here we propose some possible excursions, listing all the details and telling you about the experiences and emotions that you will experience.


Journey time: About 3 hours, the trip lasts a full day.

Description: A beautiful descent along the mountain paths, until you reach the gully of Cala Luna. Then, you will encamp to relax a bit after the fatigue, enjoying a delicious picnic composed of gastronomic specialities of Sardinian tradition. Some examples? Pecorino cheese, cream cheese, salami, ham and local bread, all accompanied by the famous local red wine Cannonau. Finally, the return will be by boat to Cala Gonone, where you will be picked up to return to the hotel.

Tips: Sportswear and camera in hand, to capture the beauty of the mountain landscape and seaside!



Journey time: About three hours, half-day excursion.

Description: It is a pleasant tour along the northern coast of Sardinia, where you will enjoy a stunning view of the limestone plateau of the island of Tavolara. After the hard work, you will benefit from a small snack that you will consume in a strategic position: sitting on the granite rocks overlooking the islands. Now, three ingredients that will make perfect this trip: a splendid view to take pictures, a glass of wine of Cannonau to sip with friends and relax under the rays of the sun.

Tips: The tour is suitable for everyone, including families with children.




Journey time: Approximately five hours, the tour lasts a whole day.

Description: The nuragic village of Tiscali is the only settlement of the Bronze Age: located in a massive sinkhole, hidden inside the Supramonte.

The tour consists of a hike through mountain’s footpaths, up to Tiscali. The route winds along mountain ridges with beautiful views of the beautiful Valley of Lanaittu. For lunch, you will taste the typical Sardinian dishes, including cheese, salami and typical bread sipping the typical Cannonau wine.

Tips: We recommend comfortable clothing and hiking boots, the ascent is 300 meters. The trip will be realized for small groups (maximum 8 people).


cala corsara

Journey time: Full day.

Description: You will depart from the port of Palau at 10.30 am, reaching La Maddalena approximately at 10:45 am. You will stay at the beautiful beach Cala Corsara, situated in the island of Spargi, which can be reached only by boat. After relaxing, you will taste a special lunch consisting of a first course with sea fish, included in the package.

In the afternoon, you will see the east coast of Spargi: Budelli Island with its famous and suggestive pink beach “Spiaggia Rosa”. You can also optionally visit the natural pools of Budelli, so blue as to seem unreal. Then you will visit the beach Cala Santa Maria, in the island of Santa Maria, a little piece of paradise with crystal water.

The last stop will be at the historic center of La Maddalena, where you can have a City Tour by bus, to discover every corner of the little town. The return is scheduled for 17.30.

Tips: On request, we have a transfer service round trip to the Port of Palau. Speak with our staff!


For any requests or concerns, please feel free to contact us here!

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