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Beaches of fine and white sand spreading for kilometers, granitic cliffs diving into the sea, hidden bays and right behind natural settings of great naturalistic interest: San Teodoro beaches are some of the best in the whole Sardinia region.

La Cinta

Pride of the entire San Teodoro touristic offer, la Cinta beach extends for three kilometers of crystal clear sand right next to a big lagoon. The seabed slopes nicely and is totally free from rocks.

Punta Aldia

Packed with aquatic sports lovers, Punta Aldia is an evocative white sand beach surrounded by vivid Mediterranean vegetation, and it is reachable from the touristic village of Punta Aldia. The beach is separated from La Cinta beach by the small outfall of the San Teodoro lagoon, known as “la foca”.

Lu Impostu

Bright water, white sand and dense Mediterranean vegetation characterize Lu Impostu beach. In order to reach it, visitors must leave the car in the extended parking lot and trespass the small passing on the pond behind the beach

Cala Brandinchi

Known also as the “small Tahiti” for the brightness of its water and the shades of its colors, Cal Brandinchi extends right by a wonderful pine forest. Thanks to its shallow waters and its fine sand, the beach it’s particularly indicated for families with kids.

Capo Coda Cavallo

Reefs, small islands, bays and a water with infinite shades make Capo Coda Cavallo an unequaled natural paradise. The breathtaking view, characterized by the skyline of Tavolara, Molara, Molarotto, Lu Furru and Ruia islands, is paired with the richness with an underwater world ready to be discovered.