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Crystal clear water, a wild and mostly unspoiled outback, a rich culinary tradition and a variety of matchless views: the charm of Sardinia hides in many small details that make it unique.


Sardinian beaches represent without a doubt the main attraction for travellers arriving on the island, with a variety of coves, creeks, capes and seabeds that can easily compete with the Caribbean Islands. With its approximately 1840 km of coast, the region offers an extremely wide choice of beaches, 23 of which have been awarded with the Blue Flag from Legambiente (the Italian association that protects natural treasures).


While the thing that impresses the most of the Sardinian cuisine is its variety, with every small area having its own specialties, it’s also true that there is an underlying theme bringing together the entire region: the respect for the most ancient tradition. In the Sardinian tables, flavors from the sea meet those from the mountain in a triumph of taste that goes from the extremely fresh fish to the renowned cheeses, from the fine extra virgin olive oil to D.O.C. and D.O.C.G. wines, such as the famous “Vermentino di Gallura” and “Cannonau”.


Land extremely rich with raw materials and deeply attached to its tradition, Sardinia developed a thriving artisanal culture, still maintained alive and passed on from father to son, from generation to generation. From pottery to woodworking, from jewelry art to weaving, from knife production to embroidery, Sardinia is the keeper of a heritage built upon ancient knowledge, extraordinary patience and expertise.


Sardinia doesn’t just live by the sea: from north to south, the island is full of evidence from the historical events that involved the region since the dawn of time. “Nuraghi”, temples, menhir, monumental graves, archeological sites, but also castles, churches and civil buildings are witnesses of a noble and glorious past.