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Horseriding in San Teodoro’s laguna

A few minutes away from the town center and from the hotel, right behind La Cinta beach, there is San Teodoro’s lagoon, a delicate ecosystem representing a precious natural heritage for the entire Sardinia region.
Excluding the re.qualified areas, which are forbidden to the public, the location is widely explorable, both the northern and the southern part: the routes are signaled by wooden fences that delimit the paths, along which is possible to observe an extraordinary variety of vegetal and animal species, namely the cormorant, the heron, the kingfisher, the coot, the lagoon falcon and the flamingos.

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An even more fascinating way of visiting the lagoon, protected by the San Teodoro Municipality, is by riding a horse: Hotel San Teodoro organizes suggestive horserides surrounded by the lagoon. The excursions, indicated for the whole family, are done at the break of dawn and at sunset, meaning in the freshest hours of the day. During these excursions it will be possible to see not only flamingos, but also mallards and grey herons.
To receive more information and book the excursion, just ask the hotel’s reception desk.

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